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Welcome to Jingle Throwdown!

What do you think is the most popular Christmas song title of all time?

How does it work?

It's simple, if you have not registered before, do so now and then...

We have picked the Top 64 Selling Christmas Song Titles of all time and put them in a NCAA basketball bracket format.

For the next four weeks your votes will decide which song will go to the next round and which one will ultimately win the 2012 Jingle Throwdown.

Make sure you make your picks from each of the four brackets: Santa, Rudolph, Frosty and Elf.

• Round 1 is now closed
• Round 2 is now closed
• Round 3 is now closed
• Round 4 is now closed
• Round 5 Semi Final selection cutt-off date is Dec 18th at 4pm. Semi Final Jingles announced on NM Style Dec 19th
• Final selection cutt-off date is Dec 20th at 4pm. 2012 Jingle Throwndown winner announced on NM Style Dec 21st

Songs for the 2012 Jingle Throwndown we're compiled by WCBS FM
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